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Hm should I?

I have Keri on my side, and Dirk mentioned something about rp before.

thinking about it.

It could be konoha preparing for war with akatsuki or something like that. I really likd playing obito, although for dramatic effect don't you think it would be awesome if he were the leader of akatsuki fighing konoha? omg. I dont know. haha.

now that the characters are a bit older, its not like we are rping children. well, they are still kids but not leik 12.

If I do start it again there really needs to be a character limit, and we'll have to go slow until we get more members. leik, not jumping into a mega plot with only say, three characters. I'm going to stick with Obito though. What do you say, a limit of two or three characters?(isn't that what we had before, but people ended up having leik, 5? LOL)
also, I'm not sure about keeping OC's? Although reg characters can start relationships with each other. I'd still like to be tenten too, she needs more love. heh, if shen is up for it we can go for a kankuro and tenten thing ;p mebbe Neji will get jealous, and them him and lee find out they have feelings....omg *shuts up* hahaa too many ideas.

but isn't naruto such a handsome young man now, heeee.

anyway, just reply to this and tell me what you think. Maybe I'll just write things on my own b/c i;m bored. Next time I rp, if we do, i'll try to be dramatic but in a 'non-cheesy' way... because i got really cheesy at one point I think. lol.

i think we should choose characters we WANT to play, not characters someone else wants us to play. you know. I think that way we'll enjoy playing more.

I think, we should have an rp a little more grown up, with more adult issues, because most of us are older, or mature enough to rp that. I dont mean adult like porn (sorry kakashi) but i mean, insteaf of kid things, they are actually going to war, and yanno. okay, yeah.


god i just realized that there is a lot of cleaning up to do with the rp journal hhah


I'd come back, for sure!

but only if I could play Yondaime-sama :-P
Yondaime = tha ladies man. booyah.

Damn right I am! 'tebayo! :-D
that pic of yondaime is...soooo hot. *drools*

well, I haveta go for a bit, but I will think up some things. i was talking to keri about having two rps, a regular one, and a seperate on for our OC's. that means, if say, Kakashi is off fighting in one rp, he can be hanging out with out oc's in the other. it will have no effect on the regular rp though. just a side story.

most of us have well thought out oc's, and have a hard time playing regular rps with them. if that makes any sense. but its an idea we have floating around.

I'm not sure if everyone wants to come back, thats the thing. so we will most likely be missing some characters, etc. but if we work together we might be able to pull it off again.

i never thought,, by watching one shippuuden episode i'd be this fired up, but now that the fillers are finished it really renewed my interest in naruto. (even though i never missed a filler episode)
That actually sounds like a good idea. One other suggestion I could make, is to have some kind of rule in place to keep people posting. Sure, real life gets in the way, but when you're in an RP, and there's one critical person who never posts, the whole thing gets dragged down.

Also? If we can't get everyone back, we can open up their chracters, and advertise on chuunin. It'll be one of the only mostly-canon RP's advertised in a while! lol

...and I didn't miss any of the filler either, though looking back, I wish I had >.<
I know. maybe a limit of a day or two, and then we can get a sub player, or the other person can write something to finish the set, type thing.???
I'd say, a week tops, for inactivity, esp. if the RP is really active. If it comes to it and the person can't post, the person/people they're RPing with can continue on without them, or end a particular thread, whatever the case may be.
I'll be Kankuro again, hellya. to be fair, though, I haven't read the Naruto manga in a long time. maybe this will be incentive.
hmm, I think I deleted my Kankuro account though...

also I doubt Matt will return. Oh well.
Its too bad he wont join us, but I'm glad to hear you might be interested ;) i just need to work some things out. I'd like to see this work.

I dont know if we will follow the anime/manga directly, keri said it might be slightly au since we dont know exactly what happens, but i dont think I would want to completely follow it anyway. yanno?

i'm thinking maybe they;ve grown up and gone to war? or akatsuki has taken them to war? something like that. we'll see. i wonder if I can get ahold of Asa?
Please, no more AU roleplays, there's too many as it is ;_;
w00t! Dibs on Naruto! LOL...he DID get way cute though XD YAAAYYYYY!

I just realized I didn't have this on my F-list! o__o
hehee :P

I'm still thinking about it. Dirk (I spelt that drink originally, haha sorry) said he doesn't want an au rp. I dont know how to do that if not all of us read the manga and are sure what will happen in the future.

Unless we follow it somewhat and then make our own story from there? aaaah! I need to think more. ;p
I don't really see how it could NOT be an A/U, I mean the manga is still being written, and there's nothing wrong with taking creative license, yanno? XD We're not clairvoyant anyways...

Besides, it'd be boring if we tried to RP it exactly how the manga is going to be. And probably a lot of the RPer's won't know what's going on in the manga either.

Yeah, like you said, we can just make our own story from the current plotline. Since not everyone reads the manga, maybe we should decide to base the RP on the anime?
Oh baby-seal Jesus, I need to catch up on the manga really bad. XD;; I'm all in though. (I think.) ::goes off to catch up::
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