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Hi guys :D

I offered to help out with character applications, so I wrote up a little something. So like, check it out and lemme know what you think, and if you have any suggestions, k?

First off, the basics; we'll need to know who you are, your username on LiveJournal, and some contact information in case we need to get in touch with you.

Secondly, and more importantly, we have to know how familiar you are with the character you're applying for. If you've seen like three episodes of the anime, or have read like two chapters of the manga, then you probably don't know enough to apply. A brief description of the character will help us judge whether or not you're familiar with the character enough to accurately portray him/her.

Lastly, and most importantly, a sample of your writing is required because we need to know how well you can represent your chosen character through both first person and third person perspective. Your character's RP journal must be written in first person, and the actual roleplaying will be done in third person (preferably past-tense).

Your writing should be grammatically correct and properly punctuated, and the character you are applying for should remain IC (in-character). For example, say you're applying for...well, Sasuke. He's definitely not the type who'd smile, laugh, or act like he's having any fun at all, and no matter what the circumstances, he'd probably never admit to having any sort of kinship with Naruto. And while he's famous for being the biggest puddle of angst in Konoha, don't over-play it; it's highly doubtful that he spends a lot of time sulking in his room about life. You can still have fun with him, interact with whomever you wish (within reason), etc.

So anyway, that about wraps it up. Upon receiving your application, the mods will review and either accept or reject, and you'll be notified as soon as possible. We're really not scary people at all, but we did need a strict application to make sure that we get strong RPers! Good luck! :D


Contact Information (AIM, YIM, MSN):


Character you are applying for:
How well do you know this character?
Briefly describe the character:


An example of your writing in first person point-of-view using your desired character:

An example of your writing in third person point-of-view using your desired character:

. . .

So that's what I got so far. Feel free to give me input and suggestions, I mean I know I'm missing some stuff here XD So ummm, YAY.



*nods* I can't think of anything, but its also almost 2am. give me until tomorrow. Although, I dont think there is anything i would take away from the application...I can;t think of what could be added.

:blinks: man. I should go to bed. Also, I need to follow the rules. I get a little over dramatic with my characters sometimes. heehee
I like it :) I'm not as tired. I dont think there is anything we need to add. I was waiting for someone to maybe post a comment on this but I'm assuming they are all in agreement.

I'm going to make it official :)
urgh XD Itachi will be so hard to make in first person but I think i know him well enough! I like the new application! So heres an offical comment of agreement ^^;
Thanks! :D I don't actually think that the original RPer's will have to re-app (unless t3h Queen says otherwise ;D), so you prolly don't have to worry about that XD
zomg that would rock! I dont wanna have to apply twice really ^^;
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