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kezear and hitokiridirk said they would like to be mods, and silver_mirror did as well.

I waited a while to see if anyone else was interested, but thats okay. We might be able to do it with three mods?

Anyway! if you guys wanna post to this entry and we can discuss what we should do for the rp, of course everyone else who is interested can post too.

Although, if there is not a whole lot of interest we might not be able to re open. But, naruto shippuuden is still the best! yatta! lol


anyway. haha


Yeah, that was kinda what I was thinking too XD I really like the idea of stealth missions, disguises, betrayal, DRAMA AND ANGST and a healthy dose of action as well. I'm a sucker for cheesy things too, I have to say...I CAN'T HELP IIIIT! XD

Anyway I was looking at a map of the world and well, I don't really know what's been covered already since I skipped all the fillers and am way behind in the manga, but I figure we ought to take a country we know practically NOTHING about, and that way we can create the kind of situation that we want, you know?

As for OC's...well, you're right LOL it IS hard not to throw them into the middle of it. Maybe, if people really want their OC to be involved in the main plot, we can come up with a rule to make sure that the canon characters get the most attention? Like, I dunno, say you RP both Maito Gai and Stacy the long-lost Uchiha (LOL). The rule could be that you A)can't RP Stacy more than Gai, and B)Gai must progress in the RP before Stacy. I mean like, if traveling to another country, Stacy can't take the lead and show up before Gai, since that might lead to Gai being completely forgotten, etc. XD does that make any sense? Just a suggestion ^^V

Hmm what else...oh yeah, we gotta come up with some new rules, too. I vote in favor of the old rule, that you can't RP an OC until you have a canon character (I was just typing up an idea of an OC application, and thought of that old rule, lol)

guh...OH. SASUKE. Well now I didn't even think of that o_o; Sasuke's a really important character, so we can't just leave him out...although I'm sure whoever ends up RPing Sasuke could figure out a way for him to be in the RP, right? Like maybe he's after something that's hidden in the country the Konoha ninja are sent to help.

Anyway...XD I've about run out of steam for now, LOL. Lemme know what you think, we'll brain some more :B
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