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Naruto Character Applications

The application my be updated because I am a ditz and dont know how to properly write one. A Piece of writing is now required.

Your name? -
Your journal? -
Character which you are applying for? -
Character journal? -
Contact information - aim - yahoo - msn -
A piece of your writing -


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(Optional) Name? - Amy
(Optional) Journal? - koibito_moon
Character which you are applying for? - Uchiha Obito
Do you have a character journal? - nah. maybe..one day.
Contact information - crazy amy kat (aim)
Do you know your character well? - As much as I can know about him, since we dont know a whole lot. But I belive i can portray him well. As for a reason why he is alive, i have a pretty good reason but I dont want to give away the secret, trust me okay? hehe.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Eh. too lazy. I have a piece up for my Original Char Fubuki Ami.
Approving myself. :P

Applications for Kakashi and Shikamaru

(Optional) Name? - Jess
(Optional) Journal? - jesscheaux
Character which you are applying for? - Hatake Kakashi
Do you have a character journal? - not yet
Contact information - purpleEclipse22@yahoo.com
Do you know your character well? - Yes indeed, I have been Roleplaying as Kakashi for at least 6 months previous to this.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Yep, here you go:

Naruto asked me a question yesterday, although I wasn't really paying attention. Afterall, I was walking to the Pink Bookstore to buy the latest edition of Icha Icha paradise. Hmm hmm!!! I get excited just thinking about the next adventures that Jiraiya has written out for my favorite characters *BLUSHES* *cough cough* *pauses* Suman, I have to play Janken with Gai for a minute, hold on...

*a few seconds later*

I won. Not a big surprise, although I don't know why he's so obsessed with challenging me.

Ah, so the question. He wanted to know about my childhood. And why do I make myself late to training by visiting the memorial. I told him I would tell him later...for the past brings up many hurtful memories for me. I will see you again someday...my friend...

* * *

(Optional) Name? - Jess
(Optional) Journal? - jesscheaux
Character which you are applying for? - Nara Shikamaru
Do you have a character journal? - Not yet
Contact information - purpleEclipse22@yahoo.com (and you know my AIM)
Do you know your character well? - Yes I do, along with being one of my fave characters, I also share his mendokusou outlook on life (for the most part) and use that phrase just as much as he does XD. I've RPed him previously for a fanfic (same as Kakashi but I've RPed Kakashi more)
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Yep! TADA:

I just wanted to live a normal life as a normal shinobi. Maybe not even a shinobi at all. I had originally wanted to be a sailor, build my own boat and head out for the open water, with nothing better to do than stare at the clouds above and navigate my way through the open ocean. *deep sigh* But, my father was part of a famous trio, the Ino-Shika-Cho...and who knew that the same group would rise again over twenty years later. Mom and Dad had their heart set on my being just like him. So I resigned myself to being a shinobi. I wouldn't have a grand career. I'd just be one of the regular shinobi who carried out regular missions, ate regular food, had a regular wife and kids, and died as regular old man.

And then there was Naruto...such a troublesome, loud ninja. Now that I look at it, all of the genin groups from my graduating year are loud and troublesome. There goes my chance of being normal, because I've associated myself with so many weirdos that I've dug my hole deep into the abnormal. It's harder than I thought it would be, but I'm surviving. Just taking things hour by hour. What's the rush anyway? Making it through this bothersome life is a little bit easier with my friends at my side, no matter what kind of trouble comes our way. Sometimes I'd rather just lay back and watch it all happen, but looks like I've been chosen to be a huge part of this grand scheme. Yareyare...look out future, the new Ino-Shika-Cho is here.

Re: Applications for Kakashi and Shikamaru

*does the approval dance* Approved yay!
(Optional) Name? - Pewter
(Optional) Journal? - pewter_kaze_san
Character which you are applying for? - Uzumaki Naruto
Do you have a character journal? - not yet, but it wouldn't be all that hard to whip one up.
Contact information - nipthehobbit(AIM)
Do you know your character well? - Definetly; the only one that I may know any better is Gaara.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Sure, but I'm not sure how good it is. Here ya go:

I wonder why Kakashi-sensei never talks about his past. He's late to training alot because of it. I asked him today, but he ignored me...*sigh* Like that's different...
Shikamaru looks like he's not doing anything..I wonder if he wants to talk. He sure does like to talk; the only time I've ever seen him silent is when he's thinking. Oh well; I'm bored, and Sasuke's certainly not going to listen to me.
Hey Shikamaru, got a second?
*gives the nice guy pose*
Your in!
(Optional) Name? - Bernardo Sanchez. I mean Kade. ;D
(Optional) Journal? - kaden_amano
Character which you are applying for? - Maito Gai
Do you have a character journal? - No, but that can easily change.
Contact information - E-mail: mypantsareonfire@msn.com | AIM: loveandpeacehaha, or xflamingpantsx
Do you know your character well? - Yar. Been watching Naruto since around August and RPing as him for a while now too.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Hang on a sec and I will ;D...


Such a great injustice, I should not have lost! For I am youthful and the flames of passion burn in my soul!!! However, a promise is a promise; I did the Nice Guy Pose, which means I must stick to my word! And also I must set a good example for my precious student, the adorable Lee!

Next time we meet, I swear I will defeat you, my Eternal Rival Kakashi!! *strikes a series of ridiculous poses*
*giggles* Approved!
(Optional) Name? - I have the strangest feeling I've done this before *shifty eyes*
(Optional) Journal? - kaden_amano
Character which you are applying for? - Umino Iruka
Do you have a character journal? - Not yet I don't...
Contact information - E-mail: mypantsareonfire@msn.com | AIM: loveandpeacehaha, or xflamingpantsx
Do you know your character well? - Yessir. Been RPing as him for a while now ^^
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Nah, the next bit is an excerpt from an angry letter I once sent to the IRA. ;D

3rd POV! I'm not sure what POV you'd like us to RP in, but I tend to use 3rd cuz I like it. lol.

Iruka sat at his desk grading test papers his students had passed in at the end of class that day. Most of them had done fairly well, but there were always a few students who didn't take their studies seriously enough. Those little hooligans! One of them had the audacity to scribble "Iruka-sensei wets his pants!" in the space where the student's name was supposed to go! What happened to respecting your teachers, he wondered.

Although, Iruka could consider himself lucky to never an Uzumaki Naruto in his classroom again! (that was now Kakashi's problem =P) He was the most obnoxious, bratty, hyper-active child Iruka had ever taught. He also happened to be the one student that Iruka could relate to the most, and also the one student he was closest to. Naruto reminded him of the little brother he'd never had.

Finishing up the last paper, and making a mental note to give all the delinquents who drew stick figures of him wearing a dress a week's worth of detention, Iruka decided he would catch up to Naruto and invite him for some ramen later on.
Iruka-sensei wets his pants!
yes yes, I love Iruka...*looks around for jess then pulls Iruka into the closet* Muahahah!
*sighs as it wont last long and goes hunting for someoen to play Genma LOL*
(Optional) Name? - Dirk
(Optional) Journal? - hitokiridirk
Character which you are applying for? - Gaara of the Sand
Do you have a character journal? - nope
Contact information - stellarvisionary@hotmail.com
Do you know your character well? - Yes, I identify very well with Gaara
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Well, I've never written anything from his perspective, but I can try....

Gaara looked around the village. He'd been in Konoha with Temari and Kankuro for about a month now, on orders from their squad leader. It was peaceful here, too peaceful for his liking, and everywhere he went in the village, people gave him weird looks. "Let them stare..." he thought to himself, none of the people of this village knew what he'd been through, none of them knew how hard it was for him just to want to live.....but Uzumaki Naruto had changed all that for him. He couldn't explain it. Since his fight with Naruto, during the Konoha invasion mission, he'd felt different. Up to that point, he'd thought of killing as his only way to feel alive, to feel like he was important. Now, however, looking out for his two teammates, and helping people when he could, had become his new passion. He'd done it for that Konoha Genin, Rock Lee, and he felt like he could keep doing it, if it meant that he could forget about Shukaku for once in hius life.

Yeah, things were different now, but still, no one dared approach the dreaded "Gaara of the Sand" and that suited Gaara just fine.

Did I do okay?
Hey that was pretty good! =D
Name? - Barathiel
Journal? - barathiel
Character which you are applying for? - Tsunade
Do you have a character journal? - oldladytsunade
Contact information - Scathach27@aol.com
Do you know your character well? - Um, yeah. I've cosplayed as her at JACON and plan on doing it again at AWA.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - What sort of writing do you want? I normally write fantasy set in the Forgotten Realms, but I'll put something together and post it later if you like.
No problem, its not a total requirement, I just like to read them thats all. :P lol.

anyway, you have been accepted, so post when you are ready! welcome to the group!
(Optional) Name? - Åsa
(Optional) Journal? - saftey_p1n
Character which you are applying for? - Haruno Sakura!
Do you have a character journal? - not yet, but I'll make one if I can be part of the rp.
Contact information - pdxvalkyrie (aim)
Do you know your character well? - oh yeah
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - not yet...
Oooh yay! Sakura!

I love your icon by the way, lol.

Accepted ;p

Do the Yamanaka dance

(Optional) Name? - SHEN
(Optional) Journal? - ANIMESHEN (say it out loud, its a pun)
Character which you are applying for? - Yamanaka Ino
Do you have a character journal? - is that preffered? I think I'd remember to play more often if it was just my own journal...
Contact information - e-mail animatedgypsy@yahoo.com I have an AIM name but I'm rarely on it, it's TRGypsyPythonJoy
Do you know your character well? - I've been cosplaying as her for two years, she's my best girl playing Narutomett 2 for PS2, she's the subject of much of my fanart, and I've written a fanfiction with her as the main romantic lead. Yeah... I know her pretty well :)
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? -

hmm....I've been trying to think of what to write, but I just don't have any inspiration right now, I'll do it later.

Re: Do the Yamanaka dance

You dont need a journal, but everyone seems to have one. If you have a journal entry to make you can put it in the RP but under a LJ CUT and just write journal entry as the subject. *nod* then the rest of us will treat it as a journal entry and it wont interfer with the rp flow.

*nod nod*
According to the new rule, everyone is supposed to RP at least one cannon character, right?

Name? - Katana
Journal? - Kinryou

Character which you are applying for? - Uchihia Sasuke (Someone has to play the grumpy nin...)
Do you have a character journal? - Not yet...I'll fix that.
Contact information - Kokuryuu.no.Tasogare@gmail.com
Do you know your character well? - I think so...I read manga (much love to DirectManga downloads), but I've never RPed any cannon Naruto character. However, I have had experience with grumpy dudes, so that's why I chose to apply for Sasuke.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - I'm a bit short on time at the moment...Can I submit it later?
Dude thank god we really need a Sasuke. I think you'd do really good ^_^

Application for Hyuuga Neji

(Optional) Name? -Darion
(Optional) Journal? -Dark_kakashi1
Character which you are applying for? -Hyuuga Neji
Do you have a character journal? -no not yet at least
Contact information - (tvon27 aim) therealkakashi@gmail.com
Do you know your character well? -Yes Age 14 teacher Gai,Teammates Rock Lee, Tenten,Technique's Byakugan and Jyuuken,From Konoha leaf Village
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - Nah....

Re: Application for Hyuuga Neji

SUGOI A NEJI!!! ^_^ Awesomeee!!!!!! ^_^

Yup, me too.....

(Optional) Name? - Dirk (aka Gaara)
(Optional) Journal? - hitokiridirk
Character which you are applying for? - Hyuuga Neji
Do you have a character journal? - yes, white_eyes_neji, though I haven't set it up yet.
Contact information - e-mail:stellarvisionary@hotmail.com, AIM: XDarkLuminaireX
Do you know your character well? - Decently, I've watched enough of the anime to get his personality, and anything I need to know, I can get online.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? - I'll try another one on the spot...

Neji waited for Hinata just outside of the village borders. He'd begun training her in more advanced uses of the Bloodline Limit that they shared, the Byakugan. She was a promising student, though lacking in strength, she had more determination than he'd ever seen in her before.

"It must have something to do with Naruto....it seems he's had quite the impact on both of us. I guess I should thank him....when I have time...."

Neji impatiently tapped his foot against the tree he was leaning on. She wasn't late, per se, but Neji liked being early, if nothing else, it gave him time to think. He reached his hand up to his brow, and rubbed at his forehead...the seal on his forehead had been bothering him lately.

"I think I might have to talk to that Sakura girl...I keep hearing how skilled she's becoming in medical techniques. Maybe she can do something about this thing....."

Trailing off, Neji sees his cousin approaching in the distance. He activates his Byakugan, and sees that she walking with a purpose.

"Good, she's pumped up today. maybe we can get some actual work done. I've been waiting for a chance to get her started on some of the more advanced Juuken techniques...now I might get my chance."

Neji pushes off of th tree he's leaning on, and starts walking towards his cousin.

Re: Yup, me too.....

application pending

I wasn't online last night and I'm just seeing this neji issue now, I'm going to discuss this with Jess and Kade. :P

Sample Writing Piece

(Holy shit…Katana finally concocted a sample writing for Sasuke! O_O Fear it in all of its craptacular glory! XD; I can't even decide on what form of 3rd person to use. ^^;)

The noon sun was beating down overhead on a warm summer day. Uchiha Sasuke stood near the outskirts of Konoha village under the cool shade of a tree. He was supposed to meet with Naruto, Sakura, and their sensei, Kakashi. The total moron had just disappeared a few moments ago, Sakura scolding him. Most likely, he was pulling some prank. As for Kakashi, the copy ninja was late as usual.
Tch. We’re supposed to train,’ thought Sasuke. ‘Irresponsible jounin.

Perhaps you wonder why this boy wants to train so badly. To put it simple, he’s hell-bent on killing someone. Years ago, the Uchiha clan was wiped out with the exception of Sasuke and his older brother Itachi, the one responsible for the massacre. The younger of the brothers had never been the same since then. After the murder, Itachi told his brother to hate him and to seek revenge on him. Sasuke did exactly as he was told. Since that dark, bloody day, Uchiha Sasuke has lived for the day that he could slay his brother and revive his clan.

(OOC: Also, I'd like to state now that I've nothing against Naruto or Kakashi. Sasuke called them irresponsible/total moron, not me. >_>)

Re: Sample Writing Piece

Yup, that's Sasuke alright, lol. Good good! *applauds* XD

can I be two characters?

Heya this is Animeshen/Ino, not alot is happening with Ino so I made a Kiba, hope I'm accepted!

Your name? -Shen
Your journal? -Animeshen
Character which you are applying for? -Inuzuka Kiba (and, consequently, Akamaru)
Character journal? -DogBoyKiba
Contact information - aim - yahoo - msn - yahoo animatedgypsy AIM trgypsypythonjoy
A piece of your writing -
(from a fanfiction I wrote a while ago, which shall remain unnamed. Chapter 2.)

Kiba shot from tree to tree at blinding speed, a wide smile across his face. He couldn't see or hear Akamaru behind him, but he could smell him, and was sure that his dog was not far behind. Kiba was pleased that his training was going so well, not just Akamaru's but his own as well. Faster and faster he sped, as if trying to outrun the wind, while seeing only darkness. Kiba was trying to train his senses of hearing and smell to be as reliable as his eyes, and had started training while wearing a blindfold.

So far, everything was a brilliant success. Though blinded, he was perfectly at ease, could sense everything around him, judge the distance to the next branch, even at his speed, and even recognize any person or animal in the woods by their scent. No enemy would ever be able to ambush him- he was positive of that. A little more training like this, and he was sure he would still be able to win a fight even if the enemy stabbed his eyes out, though he would still try to avoid that- losing his eyesight would still of course be a huge sacrifice. That aside, he wanted to be able to prepare for anything. The next step was to train Akamaru likewise, as the dog kept shaking of his distasteful blindfold, no matter what Kiba said.

Re: can I be two characters?

......eh?.... can I? I don't wanna start playing untill I know for sure

applying Itachi

Your name? - Kagami
Your journal? - silver_mirror
Character which you are applying for- Uchiha Itachi
Character Journal- bad_uchiha_seed
Contact information - aim - yahoo - msn - shadowkazul1 for aim
A piece of your writing -

A robed man stood hidden in the trees of Konoha a straw umbrella over his head blocked out the pouring rain around him. Sliding the umbrella back his face becomes recognizable. Two sharingan eyes stair out to the village. "I have returned little brother...now we shall see. But first, I will take out the two other sharingan users. Uchiha Obito and Hatake Kakashi."
Being a member of Akatsuki Itachi had never been told of the other Uchiha in the organization for the fear of killing him, but now he had an opportunity to finish what he started.
"Where to begin...the Uchiha that escaped my slaughter would be a good start." and then with a sway of leaves he disappeared into the wind.

(Watch out Obito Itachi is coming for you...0_o)

Re: applying Itachi

cool accepted.

Itachi knew Obito was with Akatsuki but they never worked with each other closely. Obito mostly had more contact with Kisame. Because Obito failed to report to Akatsuki, he is considerd a traitor now, so Itachi would likely be sent after him.
EEEK Poor Obito.

*clings to him*

Hoshigaki Kisame

Your name? - Merchant
Your journal? - MentalDisharmny
Character which you are applying for? - Hoshigaki Kisame
Character journal? - Akatsuki_Kisame
Contact information - Kamineko@kittymail.com
Aim- EndlessD3lirium
A piece of your writing -Can I get by without this, since Ive been rping here for a while?

Re: Hoshigaki Kisame

Dude totally! I don't know why the heck nobody approved you yet! Did you join Leaf Ninja the regular one under this name?! Eee Kisame is cool! I love his teeth XD Sorry about this man! I don't get alerts for this post since I'm not the one who made it but we totally need a Kisame and naw you don't have to submit a piece!

You're Lee as well aren't you? Oooh I wanna RP with you sometime! Lee is my favorite character along with Iruka ^_^ Yosh!!!! Go ahead and apply with this name for the Regular Leaf Ninja and either Amy or me will approve it. ~_^--b

Aburame Shino

(Optional) Name? - Eileen
(Optional) Journal? – Lala-II
Character which you are applying for? – Aburame Shino
Do you have a character journal? – Nay, watching one journal is hard enough, making another one would just confuse me.
Contact information - e-mail Lala@orangeday.net
Do you know your character well? – Fairly well, I mostly thought I’d be good at him because I have a tendency to not talk unless I have something important to say.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? – Alright, just a sec, I gotta think of somethin’

Kiba was late again. Shino wasn’t sure why he was surprised, it was fairly common for he or Akamaru to get sidetracked or take an unwarranted detour. Kiba wasn’t exactly finicky about punctuality, so one could never really predict when he’d show up. Sometimes he would already be there when Shino arrived, possibly excitedly re-retelling the story of the time he went on that mission with his sister and he fought two chuunins by himself (a story which Shino doubted the credibility of) to Hinata, who would always listen politely no matter how many times she’d heard the story or how ridiculously Kiba would rant. Other times he would arrive a half hour late howling whatever nonsense he thought to say. Shino supposed today would be one of those times.
Shino decided that if there was one way could think to describe Kiba, it would be Predictably Unpredictable. It was… Rather comforting, actually. Knowing that he could count on Kiba to break any unnecessary silences. Knowing that Hinata would always break up any arguments that arose between them. Knowing that he could always count on his teammates.
Shino heard the sounds of a loud crash and a dog’s bark just then, and knew that Kiba had arrived.

Re: Aburame Shino

Did anybody get back to you on this?! OMG I AM SO SORRY IF WE DIDN'T! I'm want one the mods, and we definitely want you to join though!!! YAY SHINO!!! Now you and Kiba could hang out!

Awesome! ^________^ Go ahead and apply for the IC community [Bad username: leafninja&quot;] and I'll approve it as soon as I can! Sorry about the wait! All the e-mails go to koibito_moon's account! Good thing I came back and checked this! ^_^ alright awesome we look forward to having you!


Your Name: Arisu :3
Your Journal: durnugget
Character which your are applying for?: Deidara :3~~
Do you have a character journal?: Nooot yet. I'll reply to this message when I gets one. :0
Contact Information:
AIM: Durnugget
MSN: x3_arisu@hotmail.com
E-mail: x3_arisu@yahoo.com or Dur.Nugget@g-mail.com
Do you know your character well?: Deidara is pretty new, so I can't say that I know him completely... But being an Artist like Deidara, I can connect.
Do you have a piece of writting to submit?: LET'MEH type somethin' up. Journal format. :3

Today was rather slow, yeah. Left hand has clay stuck between it's teeth... So I had to go in with some floss yeah. Thing is, it's hard to floss your mouth with one hand, so I had to use my teeth (Face teeth mind you) to hold one end, yeah. We got it out eventually, but the clay was old and gross and now I have an after taste (Left mouth)

I haven't been feeling very motivated lately, but that's what you get for being an artist. Everytime you feeling like making something, no motivation comes to you... It's crazy, yeah. Maybe I can get a bath in before the week is over... I mean... None of us like the taste of shampoo, so we don't like baths, yeah. We're hoping to find the Uchiha and Shark soon. Living out in the forests and mountains is so boring yeah...

Re: Join

Accepted. ;p

Hope to see you rping soon!

Anko Application

(Optional) Name? - Anna
(Optional) Journal? - cerridwene
Character which you are applying for? - Mitarashi Anko
Do you have a character journal? - Not yet
Contact information - E-mail: cerridwene@gmail.com | AIM: boredomncookies
Do you know your character well? - I like to think I do ^_^
Do you have a piece of writing to submit?

Dangling her foot outside the edge Anko looked up at the large pale-yellow moon that had since long taken its place on the dark heaven, accompanied by thousand and thousands of stars. Finishing her last dango she laid back and sighed miserably, sometimes she hated the night because it remembered her of him. The darkness of the night was the color as his hair and the color of the moon, his eyes. The night also made her feel calm, like his presence had done once she was younger. She hated it, and she hated herself for hating it. Angrily wiping a tear from the corner of her eye she sat up and cursed as the first rays of the sun began to show over the mountains in the east. There was no longer any time to think about the past, a new day had already arrived and tomorrow still lay ahead of her as she began to make her way back into the village.

Re: Anko Application

Accepted. oops. ack. Sorry it took so long!
(Optional) Name? - Åsa
(Optional) Journal? - pinkhead
Character which you are applying for? - Hyuuga Hinata
Do you have a character journal? - Not yet
Contact information - you guys should know all this by now lol
Do you know your character well? - pretty well.
Do you have a piece of writing to submit? (my first post would be this on the party part two thread)

Hyuuga Hinata was late. Not only was she late, but she was late for a party. A birthday party. Her cousins party. She shuttered, continuing to hop Konoha's rooftops, a small box-like parcel clutched tightly in her hands. Hinata hoped no one would be upset by the fact she was late [Neji]. Concentrating her chakra to her feet, she jumped onto a strong branch of a tree, and proceeded to make her way through the trees. Hopefully she wouldn't get lost--this was a major shortcut, cutting through the forest, but she really couldn't see all that well. Almost there...

She saw the lights from the party and the music was easy to follow. She jumped down from the tree, not paying any attention, and ended up about four feet away from a figure who had swimming goggles on his head in the dead of night and reeked of alchohol. Hinata turned to run...

((Tags Kakashi or Obito))
accepted! you should post the post in the post about the party. *blink blink*

Then Obito 8grin* can reply :P

Applying for Third and Final Character

Your name? - Kagami
Your journal? - silver_mirror
Character which you are applying for? - Jiriaya
Character journal? - ero_sannin_
Contact information - aim - yahoo - msn - shadowkazul1
A piece of your writing –

"He he. Jiriaya sat crouched down in the bushes behind the womens bath house listening to their discussions about their personal life and their boyfriends and writing down notes for his "data". And not to mention the fact he was practically drooling over the scene.

"I can't believe after telling you he wanted to get married he turned around and slept with your teacher!" One girl said trying to consel the crying one.
"Perfect! Sister betrays sister...leads to fight over boy...but ends with both girls teaming up and taking out the boy in a violent bash." Jiriaya snickered from his hiding place.

"Hold on...did you here that?" Jiriaya felt a cold stab of dread as two shinobi women looked down at him from behind the bush.

"PERVERT!!!" The girls grabbed their towels while others sheriked and dove into the water.


Re: Applying for Third and Final Character

lol. thats great. accepted.

So technically this is my 'Second' canon character since Shizune is no longer mine....

Your name? - Corinna
Your journal? - barathiel
Character which you are applying for? - Temari
Character journal? - fangirltemari
Contact information - aim - Scathach27
A piece of your writing - (Have a look at any of the Tsunade entries or any of the previous Shizune ones.)

Re: So technically this is my 'Second' canon character since Shizune is no longer mine....

Ehehe, cooool Temari! :P Accepted

Tsunade's shadow

Your name? - Kunoichishizune
Your journal? - OtherKorean
Character which you are applying for? - Shizune
Character journal? - Yes, thank Tsunade-sama.
Contact information - OthrKorean (aim)
A piece of your writing -
She was alone at the hokage's office again. How did this always happen? The day would start off not unlike it had for years, waking up Tsunade-sama and helping her prepare for the day. Leading Tsunade-sama to the office, coaxing her to start on the day's paperwork... But somehow, no doubt somewhat intentionally if she knew Tsunade-hime, she would end up with more and more paperwork lining her desk instead of the Hokage's.

Not that she minded, despite the ridiculousness of it all, she always felt protective of the Godaime. Yes, she was the weaker of the two, but who would be there to listen when it was needed? Who would hear the questions that are never asked with the answer already in place?

So when the door opened to reveal a smug looking Tsunade, Shizune just smiled.

"There are several documents needing your attention, Tsunade-sama. They are already placed on your desk for your convenience."

And when the Godaime's smiled dimmed and she began to complain, Shizune kept right on smiling.

Re: Tsunade's shadow

Ehehee. Welcome welcome :P

Is it Alright if the Character is Dead?

Your name? - Shannon
Your journal? - forgotten_rin
Character which you are applying for? - Rin
Character journal? - I guess I'll use forgotten_rin and make a new livejournal later ^_~
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A young woman in her mid twenties walked as if in a daze down an old dirt road. Even thought she was very much an adult she looked around her as though she was a newborn child, fascinated with the world...which wasn't all a lie. Rin. The female medic nin had been restored...a forbidden justu know only by one elder ninja, who just before his death gave the scroll for its conjuration to his murderor.

Uchiha Itachi.

The woman had no memory of her life before now, so her wonder of the world around her was reasonable. Uchiha Itachi knew she would be useful to killing the other sharingan users.

((Hey all! Told you I'd join Cassie!!))

Re: Is it Alright if the Character is Dead?

YAY!! I hope you get allowed in!

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Your name? - Lisa
Your journal? - otherkorean
Character which you are applying for? - Akimichi Chouji
Character journal? - teddybearchouji
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Chouji walked home, tired and hungry. Hungry, because he was Akimichi and their family technique put a constant strain on the appitite. Tired because Asuma-sensei, with help from Ino, had forced the team to train together. And no Korean Barbeque reward either.

Chouji looked down unhappily at his grumbling stomache. He had already said goodbye to a concerned Shikamaru, even after promising that the chubby (never fat) genin was alright. And he was, for now. What really concerned Chouji was the ritual. It was a ritual that had taken place for generations, night after night. Excluding, of course, when others were present. Then an altogether different type of control was exerted. This was the clan's hidden battle.

Akimichi family Dinner.

Depending on who had cooked for the evening (All Akimichi were excellent cooks), the others at the table would be seated carefully eyeing each other. For as soon as the last plate was served, battle begun. Each devouring their own plates, eyeing the heaping platter between them to see who would get to their next serving first. It was a battle of strength and speed. Speed determined who finished their plates the quickest and strength to be able to fight the family member that was just as fast as you over the last tonkatsu or hibachi style steak.

Chouji wondered if he could keep his mother from worrying at his slackened pace tonight, his earlier training with his team already taking a large amount of his chakra. His concerned faded away however, when his father finished greeting him.

"Your turn to cook dinner, Chouji."

Chouji accepted! whooo!

*hands over some chips*
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