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Mar. 12th, 2007

DAA: Anders



Yo yo, ho's (j/k!) I just finished writing up an application for original characters (or fan characters if you prefer). Kinda the same deal as the canon character apps--read it and lemme know what you think, what should be added, deleted, ripped up and fed to the dog, etc.? XD; Mannnny thanks~

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Mar. 11th, 2007

Aiba Peace



kezear and hitokiridirk said they would like to be mods, and silver_mirror did as well.

I waited a while to see if anyone else was interested, but thats okay. We might be able to do it with three mods?

Anyway! if you guys wanna post to this entry and we can discuss what we should do for the rp, of course everyone else who is interested can post too.

Although, if there is not a whole lot of interest we might not be able to re open. But, naruto shippuuden is still the best! yatta! lol


anyway. haha

Mar. 3rd, 2007

Aiba Peace



Well, I left a post asking if anyone wanted to co mod with me but got no answer. i waited a bit to see...umm.

I dont really trust myself to try and do this again by myself, because I would hate to see the place fall apart again. Although I think a lot of us just lost intrest in naruto because of the sh...er, crappy fillers. ;p

I'm still interested but I can't do it aloooneee.

we have an awesome application, we just need a name. frankly I'm at a loss for a new name. God, I'd be all leik, leaf_ninja_two


I guess we dont want all our ninja running around, plus we need a reason for the sand shinobi to be around. We should probably have a goal to work towards.

but anyway. I dont think I can do it alone, so I will try once more to ask for some mods. if not, I can put the idea on hold....for how long, dunno. ;p Although it would be fun to get together and do this again. ;p

Feb. 26th, 2007

Aiba Peace


I went by what most people agreed on, hopefully I didnt do too bad.

Since no one commented on Keri's post for an application, I'm assuming we all like it? I think it asks the questions that we need answered. So its going to be official.


As for the community name, I still have no suggestions so I may need to come up with one of my own. I dont know if that is such a good idea. lol. But we will see.

And if you want to apply to be a mod, just reply to this :) If you want to be involved, but not too much like a comod would be, just be specific in what you want to do. for example Keri, is the graphics mod. etc.

1. People seem to like the idea of applying for a position to help the rp go smoothly. I do too. I think I will leave it open for anyone in the original group to join the mod crew if they want to help out. After that, with any new person I can set up an application. (if we need them, of course) There was a comment about everyone discussing new rper's based on their application. I think, if you feel strongly about a certain application(and you are not a mod), good or bad, you can always come to me about it.I'll take it seriously :)

2.A name change was accepted. But we are totally keeping the old one there for you to read over if you want to. :) We just need to come up with a new name.

3. Good reviews on a side story, but a bit of confusion. I'm bad at explaining things, but I will try.
Some people have really developed Original Characters. this also includes me. I have a plan for her, where if i tried to rp her in a set where she wouldn't fit, or if certain points that should happen dont...I get a bit .. beh. ;p
A side story, that has nothing to do with the current one was a way of being able to play our oc's without interupting the regular rp. Its kind of something to do in the meantime. Not everyone has to join it though. For example, my oc Ami, totally loves Genma. If we have no genma, or if we do the player probably isn't interested in rping what I want them to rp, lol I can still rp ami in the side rp, with someone else playing genma. Even if the regular Genma player wants to rp in the side story, if they agree to rping with Ami, it still wont affect the main rp.
(did that make sense?)

4. Looks like we are going to branch off from the manga. I've only read to a certain point, but I did read a lot after the time skip. some people haven't read the manga, so its going to be hard. This question still needs some discussion. Do we want to rp right when Naruto comes home and still have Akatsuki come after him and Gaara, but instead of rping what happened to them (exactly) we can make our own? I think it would be interesting to rp characters during a 'war time'(not everyone knows what happened to a certain jounin, btw, and i would hate to spoil it)
-rping when naruto gets home, or a couple of months after
-akatsuki could have gotten diffrent countries to go against each other?

(open for more ideas)

5. I think we are dediced on 2 characters per person. (oc's are diffrent, but I think we should limit them to 1 or 2. If, say your oc as a gennin team, if you need to write for them (for an example) you can write their actions in your main oc post. (unless a certain character means more than another, but I will let you decide on that one, since its a side story)

6. I think most people agree on a mature rp. I think, like Keri said, something PG. I wouldn't suggest swearing, but if you write something like (so and so curses under his breath) that works. You can imagine what is being said, without writing out a string of swear words. If any characters enter a strong relationship, thats fine, but we dont need to read any steamy scenes. If it is part of the rp that you need to inform us of whats happening thats not pg rated, just imply it.
For those of us who like the light hearted scenes, how about instead of celebrating a birthday with cake and pop, we take so and so out to the bar? lol. a little more grown up I'd say. :)

7. A time limit was agreed on for posting. Alot can happen in a day or two. I thikn the time limit should be after 3 days but nothing over a week. (anyone have an idea for a specific time?) I think maybe, we should enter in warnings, or reminders. just in case the person forgot. After 2 days can be the reminder, they could get another reminder after 3 days, and then final warning after 4? Then the other person can write themselves out of it, (or if we get ahold of the rper who just can't make it back that week, with permission of both parties we can delete the thread?)

8. we have an application by Keri :)

9.Most people like character journals. should we make it mandatory or give people the choice? I'm not too sure about it, because that means we'll have some people doing one thing, and others doing another thing. personally, if we are going to go for journals, then we should all have them. But, with the limit of two characters it will probably be easier to manage.
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Feb. 21st, 2007

DAA: Anders


fo shizzle

Hi guys :D

I offered to help out with character applications, so I wrote up a little something. So like, check it out and lemme know what you think, and if you have any suggestions, k?

lol okay here we goCollapse )

Feb. 20th, 2007

Aiba Peace


(no subject)

Poll #931388 new rp name?

What is your idea for a new community/rp name?

Aiba Peace


bear with me while I plan this out

Seems like we have some people interested in a revival of LN. (fo short, haha) although, b/c its going to be a new rp, much like naruto shippuuden is kind of considered a new series (from naruto) maybe we should go with a diffrent name? like, leaf ninja: ...(enter something cool here)

Just an idea.

Before i get started I'm really concerned with trying to keep people happy in the rp, so it bothers me when i can't. I also want you to know I will try to incorporate your ideas to make this work, but I also can't make everyone happy. (although I will try my best)

I think rather than me picking out vice captians (;p) I'm just going to hire them, in a sense. so if anyone wants to co mod, out of the original people in leaf ninja get a hold of me. I'm thinking about diffrent jobs, like co-mods, promoter (ya know, person who promotes the rp/once we get going, and get an idea of what we wanna do) that if there are ddiffrent jobs you guys can choose if you want to be more involved, and choose the level.

watashi wa king desu! haha i'm the king, so please throw your ideas my way, and I'll work with you to make them better, but chances are you guys will have awesome ideas for the rp.

a) what do you think about the idea for applying for a rp position?(only open to orignal rprs)
b) what do you think about a slight name change due to the time skip?
c) What do you think about a side rp for those of us who want to use OC's(and reg characters) but not have them involved with the main plot
d) What do you think about a plot that follows the manga (or would you prefer one that starts out following the manga, then kinda becomes our story..type thing)
e) should we only have one character, or two? no more than two (because it gets confusing, and not everyone has the time to play multiple characters/this isn't inculding the oc/for fun rp)
f) what do you think about a 'mature' rp, no i don't mean adult as in kakashi's perverted books, I mean as in mild language, war scenes, type deal. Not leik, oooh, its Neji's 15th birthday party lets go eat cake and have some pop. lol
g) have a time limit on the posts. for example, if you dont reply in a couple of days the other player can end the set by writing themselves out of it (ie, oh I have to go and do something now, bye bye) or if the set never really did go anywhere, we can close it (I suppose you would need to make a request to a mod about it before hand though)
h)we need someone who can write up a really awesome application (you can apply to be the application person, or if not I can do it. but this time i am going to be pickier about who I let join, and let the mods have a say) YAY!
i)should we have rp journals, or not? rp journals make it easier to know who is rping, but at the same time take a lot of work, and logging in and out which can be annoying. so, rp journals? or just writing the character you are playing's name before you post?

Maybd I will check out some successful rp's and see what they are doing, but i dont want to just do what someone else is doing too. yaknow

I'm asking all you regular/original people this because without you we totally wouldn' be here! before we add any new people, I want to know what you all thing. because without you guys wanting to do this, we wouldn't have an rp! (that and its nice to contol your own rp, and I am sure you guys want your opinions and ideas in this as well)

there you go!

So, if I made any sense at all...haha, let me know!

Feb. 16th, 2007

Aiba Peace


Hm should I?

I have Keri on my side, and Dirk mentioned something about rp before.

thinking about it.

It could be konoha preparing for war with akatsuki or something like that. I really likd playing obito, although for dramatic effect don't you think it would be awesome if he were the leader of akatsuki fighing konoha? omg. I dont know. haha.

now that the characters are a bit older, its not like we are rping children. well, they are still kids but not leik 12.

If I do start it again there really needs to be a character limit, and we'll have to go slow until we get more members. leik, not jumping into a mega plot with only say, three characters. I'm going to stick with Obito though. What do you say, a limit of two or three characters?(isn't that what we had before, but people ended up having leik, 5? LOL)
also, I'm not sure about keeping OC's? Although reg characters can start relationships with each other. I'd still like to be tenten too, she needs more love. heh, if shen is up for it we can go for a kankuro and tenten thing ;p mebbe Neji will get jealous, and them him and lee find out they have feelings....omg *shuts up* hahaa too many ideas.

but isn't naruto such a handsome young man now, heeee.

anyway, just reply to this and tell me what you think. Maybe I'll just write things on my own b/c i;m bored. Next time I rp, if we do, i'll try to be dramatic but in a 'non-cheesy' way... because i got really cheesy at one point I think. lol.

i think we should choose characters we WANT to play, not characters someone else wants us to play. you know. I think that way we'll enjoy playing more.

I think, we should have an rp a little more grown up, with more adult issues, because most of us are older, or mature enough to rp that. I dont mean adult like porn (sorry kakashi) but i mean, insteaf of kid things, they are actually going to war, and yanno. okay, yeah.


god i just realized that there is a lot of cleaning up to do with the rp journal hhah
Aiba Peace



OH MY GOD. Its been so long since I've been here. BUT THE NARUTO FILLERS ARE NOW OVER. I'm sure you've all seen the firts episode.

The nostalgia from the first episode makes me remember the good times we've had here at leaf ninja. I wonder if one day we can do this again sometime. With a bit of better management on my part. heh. gomen nasai!

but yes! tell me your thoughts.
cut for spoilers
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Dec. 3rd, 2006

Aiba Peace


aaaaaaaaaaaa SENSEI

I just finshed catching up with the naruto manga, I know I was way behind. but omg. *grabs whoever is near and sobs*

c'est pas fair!

*blinks* there i go in chiac, half french half english.

anyway! makes me want to rp again, although i'm obviously not very good and handling a community, altough I love being in charge, lol. thats the leo in me! yatta!

i just wanted to show my sincere expression of this turn of events and that sensei would be missed. (not saying which in case someone hasn't read the manga thus far)



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