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Aiba Peace

koibito_moon in leafninjaooc


Well, I left a post asking if anyone wanted to co mod with me but got no answer. i waited a bit to see...umm.

I dont really trust myself to try and do this again by myself, because I would hate to see the place fall apart again. Although I think a lot of us just lost intrest in naruto because of the sh...er, crappy fillers. ;p

I'm still interested but I can't do it aloooneee.

we have an awesome application, we just need a name. frankly I'm at a loss for a new name. God, I'd be all leik, leaf_ninja_two


I guess we dont want all our ninja running around, plus we need a reason for the sand shinobi to be around. We should probably have a goal to work towards.

but anyway. I dont think I can do it alone, so I will try once more to ask for some mods. if not, I can put the idea on hold....for how long, dunno. ;p Although it would be fun to get together and do this again. ;p


I'd be interested in co-modding, if you'd have me. I haven't had a whole lot of time lately *shakes fist at MapleStory* but if we can get this off the ground, I'll make time.
not a problem. I waited about a week to see if I had anyone else respond. Looks like you and keri, and then maybe silver mirror, but she has another rp...so not sure yet.
*volunteers!* I'm sorry, I must have spaced or something, but I'll help out no problem, if you need me to! *has nothing to do during the week* LOL

As for a name, I've got no good ideas...I'd be like you, LEAFNINJA2 XD or like...LN_SHIPPUUDEN or something. I'm terrible at coming up with names, haha ^^;;
yosh! ;p cool. Putting you down as mod haha
i'll help! I'm not do to start co-moding my friend rp on proboards for awhile but i bet i could do both! Your right about the sand ninjas, you should try making a plot to base the rp off of so that way things keep moving ^^
If you think you can do both *nods*
yeah I can do both! ^_^
Naruto Training

March 2007

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